Friday, November 1, 2013

Insta-Friday From Last Week

I'm behind.

I suck.

I'll catch up fast over the next couple days.

Way back when...we drove back from Missouri after fall break.

12.5 hours in the car. 2 bathroom stops. Lunch at McDonalds.

Boy was I ever glad to see that sign!

Then the next day we woke up to this.


The kids begged to learn how to play Greed.

So I finally taught them.

They picked it up fast & AJ was a master at counting by and adding 25's, 50's, & 100's.

He calls it the math game and instantly became addicted.

Ab doesn't do so hot since she is such a risk taker...

Imagine that.

AJ discovered his talent for being able to touch his tongue to his nose.

Very impressive.

And kinda gross.

KC and I outnumbered Andy on movie selections one night and forced him to watch a zombie movie. Ha!
He survived.
Gotta love a boy with a powdered doughnut mustache.
We call them crack doughnuts round here because you can never eat just one.
So technically it would be referred to as a crack stache in these parts.
Very classy. I know.
I caved and let Girlfriend get this with her money from Grandpa Jim.
He said she could get whatever she wanted.
Have I ever told you have much I loathe play-doh?
We'll just stop there before I become homicidal thinking about it.

Brought back some acorns from MO.

Ab's idea. And a fabulous one too.

*Side note...AJ calls candy corn acorns, and it drives me CRAZY.

Brody got his his haircut.

It kinda broke my heart.

It needed to happen.

Love our tree out front in the fall!

Went to Young Life Clubble.

Club in a bubble.


Had some quiet time doing bible study homework one morning.

Made AJ's Halloween costume...more on that later.
Crafted it up making a project for Ab for family pics!
This girl twirls and dances all day.
Love it.

Hope you're surviving the candy hangover.

We plan to play in our pj's all day.

It's perfect.