Friday, October 18, 2013

Insta-Friday Fall Break Edition

This week we road tripped it out to Kansas and Missouri to see my side of the family!

It was crazy fun.

First, we made it to Kansas City in 8 hours and spent a night with my lil' sorella, Jess.

We left the kids with the men, got Starbucks, and wandered around Target chatting for two glorious hours.

Then we all loaded up and drove 3.5 hours down to Lebanon to see more fam.
It was a lot of car time over two days. I was bored.
Here's our driver. He is a very serious driver. Blah.
We ate at one of my all-time fave places ever. Love their bread. Love their pickles. Love their shredded lettuce. Love their crushed ice. They can never go out of business. Ever.
Or I'll die of a broken heart.
AJ was excited to see a real live frog in his aunt's back yard.
We are city folk.
His cousin just looked at him like haven't you ever seen a frog before.

My sisters, brothers, dad, aunts, uncles, and cousins all gathered for a hayride and wiener roast in the country.

This is four out of five of us girls...
Recca, Jess, Tami, and me!

Love it when all the cousins get together!

There were lots of tractor rides...

and some apple bobbing.

After the hayride, we drove another hour to the lake house.

There were a couple pontoon boat rides, puddle boat rides, kayak boat rides, jet ski rides, golf cart rides, many hours on the trampoline, many hours of playing games, and some fishing.
We jumped in the van for another 1.5 hours to visit my Aunt Glennie.

She kicked our butts at Scrabble...twice.

And spoiled us with my childhood favorite fried potatoes and lots of sweets.

My cousin, Daniel, and his beautiful family came over to visit.

Love their happy family.

He's an awesome dad.

Then we went back to the lake for a bonfire, BBQ, and s'mores.

We were so very blessed with much visiting and quality time with my dad.

Missouri is absolutely gorgeous in the fall.
It was a relaxing week.
We left the lake for a three hour drive to pick my my nephew, Kaesi, and head to Tami's for a night...
Where we ate ribs, watched old home videos and Dirty Dancing, played card games and board games, snacked, played a vicious game of velcro ball and hula hooped in the garage.

It was a full week of fabulous memories and lots and lots of laughs.

Miss my fam.



Anonymous said...

That looks like a great driver!