Friday, September 27, 2013


Hello friends!

Can't believe it's already Friday.

It was another fun week in suburbia.

This week I made pumpkin crescents with my BFF.

We ate delicious Chick-Fil-A chick-n-minis and laughed a lot that day.

Good times.

We went to the school fall festival.

Long lines, but totally fun.

5 peeps in a photo booth...3 of which are just crazy unpredictable...

was an interesting experience. Ab dropped her hat in the last pic and bent down to get it at the exact second the camera snapped the last pic...oh the drama.

Loving' all my fall magazines.

This little guy was a total daddy's boy one day.

So sweet.

These two are becoming good buddies.

Love how she looks after him and how he follows her.

The garden is fading out for the year, but still producing lots of tomatoes.

I went to a craft night with my Young Life leaders.

Such a fun group of gals.

Totally in love with my pumpkin.

Went to our first Young Life and Capernaum club one night.
It was a flash club in the bottom level of the Target parking garage involving human bowling on skateboards down the car ramp, throwing a surprise birthday party for a complete unsuspecting stranger, and reading the bible in the Sprouts parking lot. It was crazy fun and just plain crazy.
And we didn't get the police called on us.
So it was a good, productive night.

We shared a caramel apple.

Because it's not fall without indulging in a caramel apple.

I made a dress as a custom order for one of my most favorite customers!

It made me crave more sewing time.

Enjoyed some chili and cornbread muffins with the windows open and the crisp cool air blowing in during nap time one day. So perfect.

I started some fall garlands for the shop!
So excited to open the shop back up with a flash sale this weekend!
I got my bake on last night...
and made our traditional pumpkin snickerdoodles!