Friday, September 6, 2013


Hello friends.

This is the post that could be three posts, but I'm cramming it into one Insta-Friday post because I was too tired to blog all week.

And that's just the plain truth sisters.

So here we go...

Last Friday I was dragging.

I felt like I was hit by a Mack truck...butt on the floor...hurts to keep my eyes am I ever going to make it through the day.dragging.

Then Andy surprised me with an iced venti chai.

And suddenly I was the happiest, tired mom on the planet.

I knew, with this delicious liquid energy, I could make it through the day.

I made the kids breakfast and headed up stairs with a spring in my step to get Brody's clothes.

The problem is that I left my beloved full drink on the table. Because why wouldn't I leave my drink on the table.

2 minutes later I return downstairs to a very happy Brody holding my Starbucks cup as he slurps it down to the bottom.

We were in trouble now people.

Not only am I a dead-tired zombie mom, but Brody just consumed a lot of sugar and caffeine. My sugar and caffeine.

I was tired. I was robbed. I had a spastic toddler on my hands.

Needless to say, he didn't nap that day and was going strong till late that night.

I had to kick it into auto-pilot to make it through the day.

I was blessed that evening with a night out at the Chris Isaak concert at the Botanic Gardens with friends and a picnic dinner.

There is something so magical about good music and good food under the stars. It was just what this mama needed.

There were some crazy dancers out there. I love the people watching at concerts. One day I want to be so free to dance like that at a concert. To just let my cares float away and be confident and not care what others think as I groove. Think how freeing that would be. How exhilarating.

Saturday Abby participated in a junior dance camp by the local High School dance team.

Are you kidding me?!

Poms and shaking her groove thang in front of an audience...

Girlfriend was in her element.

And then she got to perform.on the field.under the the half-time show.of the football game that night.

She was on cloud 9.

And danced her little heart out on that field.

She will probably be one of those crazy dancers at concerts throughout her lifetime. I certainly hope so.

It was fun to be back in that high school game environment with the band playing and the fans all decked out in team colors and the crowd all hyped up and yelling and the concession stand food.
Then we had a streaker right after the girls got off the field.
I thought it was hilarious. He made it all the way across the field before being tackled by security.
Then I got to explain to Abby why there was a naked boy in the police car as we left. That was great.

Sunday morning we tried the Starbucks thing again.

This time I didn't let Brody near my cup.

He got my stink eye if he even glanced in the direction of that green mermaid. (Why does a coffee shop have a mermaid logo anyway?)


I love fall. I want fall. And sweaters. And jeans. And boots.

And crisp, cold air.

This 90 degrees that feels like 100 crap is for the birds. I'm over it. Been there, done that. Ready to retire my flip flops and stop shaving my legs.

After getting that delightful, happy cup we headed to Heritage Square.

Because way back when at the library summer reading series kick-off event I got up in front of a room full of complete strangers & looked like an idiot rocking the air guitar for my kids & won us free tickets to the alpine slide & Miners Maze.

We packed a family picnic, and it was going to be the best FREE day ever!

Until AJ picked up that awkward, heavy alpine slide sled and both chipped and knocked a front tooth loose. A permanent tooth.

I tried not to think about it the rest of our now not so free FREE day.

But I'm a mom. And moms worry about things like their kids' front teeth.

The kids got to walk on water in these huge hamster balls. So cool.

Abby was fearless climbing that rock wall.
And I just kept praying please don't get hurt. Guard your teeth if you fall.
Because I am a compulsive mother. That already had one injured child for the day. You can't really blame me.

It didn't seem to phase AJ though.

It was just his front tooth.

Labor Day morning we enjoyed farmhouse waffles.

Because why would you buy a square or circle waffle maker when you can have barn and cow and chicken waffles?

Then we drove over to a friend's house where Brody insisted on taking just a couple books. The child is obsessed. But I guess of the things he could be obsessed with, books is a good one.

We played Settlers of Catan.

Andy won.

But it was still fun.

I finally got to stop holding my breath about AJ's front tooth when he had his emergency dentist appointment Tuesday after school.

$123 to find out I was wrong.

It isn't a permanent tooth!!!!

I've never been so happy to be wrong in my life.

It's just a baby tooth he whacked really hard and will fall out in broken pieces any day now.

No pulling of broken teeth. No surgery for a fake front tooth.

Just a FREE day at Heritage Square that really ended up costing $123 at the dentist's office two days later and a busted up baby tooth!


Then we went straight from the dentist office to rushing through homework and dinner to soccer practice that got rained out 20 minutes in.

This is why I need Starbucks.

The adventure never ends.

Wednesday we went from school, to Abby trying out a new dance academy, to switching kids in the school parking lot, to Back To School night.

Thursday was Bronco spirit day and volunteering in AJ's class.
I forgot how high energy first graders are.

Then homework and soccer again.

There was a lot of other stuff this week too...non-blog worthy stuff like sitting...ordering birthday cakes...chasing down used tap shoes...calling to make Brody's 2 year wellness check-up...starting the 2014 photo calendar...making a Box Top flyer for school...planning Young Life events...

And today is a 7:30am PTO meeting, best friends visiting, and date night!

I have to be busy. I try to slow down, but I get restless if I have to much down time. I get bored and anxious. I have a really hard time resting.

I do better under pressure and get more done if I have more to do.

It's crazy.

I know.

But it's my crazy, and I love it.

Because we should all love our crazy.

Or something should change.




Marlo said...

The starbucks logo is actually an interesting fact. :)

"the logo is an image of a "twin-tailed mermaid, or siren as she's known in Greek mythology"

Why a mermaid?

The company was named after Starbuck, the chief mate on the Pequod, a whaling ship in the book Moby-Dick.

Who knew that a coffee company could reference great literature! Always makes me feel very Hipster when I drink something from there.

Sorry Brody drank your Starbucks. I bet he thought to himself - "aww look at what Mom left me!" hehe

Anonymous said...

I love your crazy! (True confession: I have felt like a total slacker mother after reading the occasional post.) You are an awesome, awesome mother.
The antics of Brody are hilarious!!! That boy is something...he just knows how to melt your heart. I love your weekly catch-ups. And thank you for the homemade brownie recipe. I don't know why I ever thought I needed to buy a mix.