Friday, April 19, 2013


It's been pretty chill around here the last couple weeks.

Just the normal routine and rolling with the every day family stuff.

Abby is getting ready for her spring ballet recital.

Girlfriend loves to perform on stage...imagine that.

Love me some orange cinnamon rolls.

Such a fabulous combo of flavors.

And so easy.

And requires minimal dishes.


I don't like to complain, but can I just say...

This never ending winter needs to end.

Snow gear every week is draining.

This little guy is into everything.
Climbing up onto chairs and tables in seconds flat.
But he is the happiest kid I've ever seen.
Laughing and smiling his way through the day.
Every day.
Such a little charmer.
He loves cuddling, bananas, trucks, and running with his brother and sister.
The kids love learning about Jesus and reading the bible.
AJ asks some pretty powerful spiritual questions that make his dad and I think a lot. It's a good kind of reflecting.
He is really growing into such a strong boy.
Abby prays the sweetest prayers and tells God she loves him to the moon and back. Her strong personality makes living by the golden rule tough sometimes, but we are working on it.
I decided to teach VBS this summer and religious Ed next school year.
I'm excited and feel so blessed to have this opportunity!
We started a chores chart linked to allowance this week.
We have tried a chores chart in the past, but have never been consistent.
We always start strong and get tired and fizzle out.
But the kids are getting old enough to contribute to the family and learn how to save money.
So we are really trying to stick to it.
They each have spend, save, and donate jars.
They are excited and eager to do their chores.
It's great to see them feel empowered by taking on their responsibilities.
Ab has been showing some serious middle child syndrome behaviors which has been...challenging. So we've been making an effort to make her feel important and special. We made pink pancakes with sprinkles the other day after we dropped AJ off at school.
This parenting thing is tough business.
But also the most rewarding business.