Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Insta Catch Up

I love these colors.

They make me think of the ocean.

Making something out of them makes my heart happy.

I could stare at them all day.

I love being nestled up on the couch under my fave $6 thrift store afghan watching movies with the kids.

I seriously love everything about that blanket.

I love granny squares and the crazy bright funky rainbow of colors. I love that the predominate color is a spastic bright yellow.

I imagine a really cool woman with a fun personality made it and somehow I ended up blessed with it when no one else wanted it.

It was fate that it ended up with me.

We went to the coolest 5 year birthday party ever for a great friend over spring break.

It was so fun. The kids were pumped. The games were awesome. His mom was dressed as Wonder Woman and his dad had multiple costume changes. You could tell the birthday boy is so loved by all the hard work and thought that went into making it such a special celebration.

Such a truly authentic family. One I aspire to be like.

I actually enjoyed a few real rounds of UNO with the kids the other day.
I was over the moon.
You can't understand how exciting it is to play an actual game by the real rules until you've been tortured through hours of playing games where the rules shift every turn in favor of the egocentric 4 year old.
Ab won fair and square. Real rules. Real game.
Who knew Ab was such an Uno shark?
We went tubing up at Copper Mountain over spring break. It was crazy fun. Seeing little Brody in snow bibs cracks me up. Can't get enough of it.
My kids are crazy little dare devils.
I have no idea where they get it from.
Brody seriously laughed his bum off every time all the way down the hill stuffed in that little tube. And AJ requested fast and spinning every run. I would have puked my guts out.
We all left with bright red sun burnt faces.
My face is really tan now.
Which goes great with the ultra pale rest of my body.
It's awesome.
Such a rookie mistake.
After tubing we went out for bacon cheese burgers, root beer, and fried cheese curds and root beer floats.
The word curd(s) seriously grosses me out.
And the thought of it in relation to food just about pushes me over the edge.
Andy ordered them.
I went to my happy place in my head to hold them down.
Couldn't they call them cheese nuggets or something?
We dyed Easter eggs at Nana and Papa's house.
We kinda ambushed them and just showed up with eggs and dye when it was time to pick up 3 over excited Easter anticipating balls of energy.
It was fun.
My Easter eggs as a kid all turned out either army green or poop brown because we mixed all the colors every year hoping to invite some new amazing color. Every year.
The Easter Bunny brought me these yummy little treats.
Love them and that Easter bunny.

We cleaned out the sandbox and added new sand last weekend.

Brody stayed in there forever burying his legs and feet and laughing.

Nana and Papa gifted AJ with that sandbox when AJ turned one.

It's one of our favorite parts of summer every year.

I've been reading this book from a friend and LOVE it.
It's about how to raise a healthy, virtuous boy.
It's good.
She also wrote Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.
I'll be getting it next!

Remember making these things as kids?

I do. I loved them.

I wasn't sure if the kids would get into them or not.

AJ LOVES making them. He'll spend two hours making intricate patterns and designs and searching through thousands of beads for the right color.

Abby lasts about ten minutes, starts 5 different projects, and finishes zero.

That's her star. She made one corner of it.

Love her fleeting interests and restless spirit.

She keeps me busy.

I've been working on organizing the garage.
Seriously 3 kids with bikes, trikes, and scooters takes up half the garage.
But it makes my heart happy to see them ride around.

Last Saturday we worked in the yard, checked out some play sets for the back yard and made it to happy hour!

My cherry coke had 7 real cherries! It was the best day ever!




Lisa said...

You are doing so many cool things! I love that you blog and share your life with all of the crazy stalkers out here. :) Miss you!