Friday, October 26, 2012

Insta Friday Up In Here!

Hey peeps!
Here is my exciting life via iphone pics.

It's not really that exciting.
But here are the pics.
life rearranged

I got my 31 Gifts bags this week!
I got the thermal market tote for all our family picnics!
It's huge!  And cute!  And so perfect for picnics!

 I also got the retro metro bag in spirit grey.
The perfect mom bag I swear.
My pic didn't do it justice though. 

I pretty much want every bag in the catalog.
Yep all of them.
Andy surprised me with crazy daisies.
AJ had his first school field trip.
He said he was nervous to ride the bus for the first time.
So sweet and innocent and honest.
Love that boy.
We did some science experiments.
Which was really just combining colors and playing with water.
But still entertaining.
It drives me crazy that she sits on the table.
Absolutely bonkers.
I woke up to this Thursday morning...
So I got to wear my hat and puffy coat...
and snow boots.
Ok, so the boots probably weren't necessary, but they were fun.
And I really dislike snow, so anything helps.
I made the best $1 purchase ever.
I started...
and finished a custom order!
Just need to wash, press, and ship them!
Holla for a weekend of Halloween partying and pumpkin carving!
Whoop!  Whoop!


Anne said...

I totally get the "anything helps" thing with the snow. Cute snow accessories is a must. You have to enjoy putting those things on, otherwise it's just depressing. // Have a great week!

Katlyn said...

Love those dresses

tools of love said...

awesome post i like it

Sarakwpt said...

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