Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Indoor Skydiving

While Kaesi was visiting we went indoor skydiving. 
Because what else do you do with an 18 year old?! 
You start off with a class to learn the hand signals and how to position your body.
Then you suit up in ear plugs, a flight suit, goggles, and a helmet.
You are actually flying in a vertical wind tunnel with winds up to 130 mph.
You only have to be 3 years old to do it.
And Abby is up for any adventure.

And now I want to jump out of a real airplane. 
Not kidding.


Anne said...

We did that when we went to visit my SIL in Denver! Same place, I think, SkyVenture. SO! MUCH! FUN! ... The instructor said I was a natural :) ... If you check out my post about "What I Love: Flying," I posted a photo on there. // So glad you got to do that, and with your kids, too! how fun.

Anonymous said...

A real plane, you know my thoughts on that. But if you can do it, so can I...when do we go? -Andy