Friday, September 14, 2012

Insta Friday

We all know how I love Friday! 

And it's a par-tay weekend! 
life rearranged

Hey there respectable looking dog.
I hardly recognize you.
Ahhh yummy food and girl talk is good for the soul.
And my family.
Who knew I could get out of Target for under $5 and be so happy?
11 years ago.
We remember.
Halloween pj's.
Your glow in the dark ghosts are only mildly distracting at bedtime.
Hello adorable arrow cuff bracelet.
I want you.
But you are $98.
Goodbye arrow cuff bracelet.
It's just not going to work out for us.
Seriously who thought giving Abby a fondue fork was a good idea?!
A rainy day calls for hot cocoa and cookies with good friends.
Fall calls for sewing fun coffee cuffs.
I love that I now own a fabulous mockingjay pin.
I love my friends.
That little bird made this chick's week.
This is how AJ's All About Me timeline went down...

Mom bribe AJ.  AJ write a sentence.
Mom write 2 sentences.
Mom bribe AJ.   AJ write a sentence.
Mom have a drink and self-talk through some deep breaths.
Mom write 2 sentences.

It was  a lesson in patience.   For me.
Brody turns one tomorrow!
Which calls for an all out mustache bash!
Inspired by Cake Info I made some sweet and salty treats for AJ's Fall Festival.
Added some cake pops...minus 2 cause I ate them...and some ribbon
and we were ready for the Cake Walk.
And the best part of the week....
my fave sorella flew into town for Broderick's stache bash!
We are going to party like it's 1999.


Melodee said...

I saw candy corns and had to come visit! following you now from InstaFriday....cute pictures:) happy Friday!

Andrea @ Pug Life said...

Oh no, now I have to have an arrow cuff. *searches for cheap knockoff*