Friday, September 7, 2012

Insta Friday After A Long Short Week

Hello friends!

Has this not been the longest short week ever or what?!
It was like every day was Monday.

Our whole groove was thrown off by Labor Day and never corrected itself.
It was fabulous.
life rearranged
There were no major crises.
It was just that the daily grid felt like trudging through mud, against the current.

The kids were temperamental and whiny.
They were tired. I was tired.
I wasn't on my game.
It was exhausting.  

 Ever have a week like that?


AJ drew this on the back of one of his papers from school.
And I love it.
It just captures childhood innocence to me.
It makes me say awe and get all warm and fuzzy inside and want to keep him little forever.
I love everything about it.
 Our sunflowers bloomed this week.
Sunflowers make this chick from Kansas all sentimental too.
 I love how passionate this girl is about everything in life.
She even drinks through a straw with everything she's got and all her might.
She is in her own little world.  I think it's a pretty spectacular place.
 We rocked it at a neighborhood BBQ over the weekend.
Good times.  Good times.
 These kids LOVE bowling.
It is freakin' hilarious to experience,
so when they ask to go I'm all for the entertainment.
Andy made me use a hunter safety orange ball this time.
I still won.
With the bumpers.
 AJ started soccer this week.
He seems to be more aware of the actual game this year.
 Abby started ballet this week.
Her leaps look like she is galloping on a horse that pulls to the right, but it was only the first day.
I'm sure grace and coordination will come with time.
 Iced Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte
And The Destroyer is feeling all better and up to his usual...
Have a great weekend!
I plan to attend a soccer game, chill with my BFF, go to mass (which is a special kind of torture with 3 kids until religious ed starts), and take the dog to pool party.

Never a dull moment.



Anonymous said...

love her sweet face drinking from a straw. Totally laughing at the torture of mass, we have the loudest little ones in the "crying room."