Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh Insta Friday, How I Love Thee

I survived the first week of school, 
and I'm relieved it's Friday! 

Loving having a schedule and routine.

Loving getting to be the one to take the kids to school, 
getting to pick them up, 
and getting to hear all about their day.

Loving already making connections and having play dates with class mates.
Not loving getting up early.

Let's hear about all those fleeting moments you will forget about in few years
 but can capture eternally in an easy Insta Friday post.
These are my favorite posts to go back and reread
because they help me hang onto those fleeting moments.
life rearranged

Oh pinterest.
You have me painting my finger nails like a teenager.
And loving it.
Oh pandora.
You make me move my groove thang
and trip on a pillow 
while holding Brody
and break my toe.
Dang, I would have paid to see that fall...
because it had to be spectacular to witness.
Oh peaches.
I could eat pounds and pounds of you in any form.
Oh Starbucks.
Very Berry Refresher.
Well played.  Well played.
Oh zucchini.
You are fabulous in bread and muffins
or roasted, 
but you are amazing fried.
Oh school paperwork.
You needed to be contained.
Oh Farmers Market.
Yes, we did leave the Juice Plus stand
with it's nutrition from 17 different fruits, vegetables, 
and grains in a convenient and inexpensive capsule form...
to go to the vintage soda stand.
And yes, it was fabulous.
Oh you creative people.
With your hummingbird feeders made from recycled wine bottles,
you got me.
My sister with a bird obsession needed a purple one.
Oh Broderick Allen.
I can't get enough of you.
Even when you try to steal my iced chai.
Oh Kindergarten visor.
How freakin' cute are you with those freckles?!
Oh 7am.
You suck.
But you, Heath coffee creamer, make me a nicer person.
Oh little elastic rubber bands.
The fact that you come in packs of 1,000 makes me compelled to use
like ten of you at a time.
Oh you rotten children.
Did you really think I wouldn't notice when you add "a few" marbles to your jar
while I am upstairs doing laundry.
Shame on you.
Oh Abigail.
Stealing momm's Godiva is just dangerous.
Oh Walk On Wednesdays.
Did I mention that I have a broken toe?
Could the brand new Kindergartener miss walking to school on the first Wednesday?
No, no he couldn't.
You are going to make me fat.
Oh pinterest.
Seriously, folding wrapping paper to make a pocket to hold a card?!
Why don't I think of these things on my own?!
Oh Granier.
You are cheap.
You make my hair feel silky.
I love you.
Oh safety green.
You make my children easy to find.
You are my new favorite color for them.
Oh exterior paint color decisions.
You have me taking pictures of random strangers' houses.
Not creepy at all.
Oh sister.
I love your picture texts.
Oh spirit day at Yogurtini.
As if we needed an excuse to go buy frozen yogurt with delicious candy toppings.


Anne said...

Oh capricious perspective,
with your post full of Ohs,
and the wit that made me smile.
I think I will follow you.

Bummer about your toe.
Hope it heals quickly so you can
move your groove thang again soon.

Have a great week.

NJ @ A Cookie Before Dinner said...

Looks like a fabulous week to me, except for your toe! Super bummer! If I had a daughter, I would use 10 rubber bands in her hair every time, I know it!