Friday, August 10, 2012

Insta Friday Lovin'

Well Hello friends! 

I am lovin' that it's the Friday before school starts!
We rocked the summer, and now I'm ready for the fall!
Bring it on!

I'm lovin' Insta-Friday!
life rearranged

 I am lovin' this Bath and Body Works scent.
I am still lovin' the dark hair.
I always love good morning hugs and snuggles.
I love how these two BFF's always swap shoes.
Love me a sleeping baby in my arms.
Lovin' this extreme ice cream joy.
Loved spending the morning at the zoo with a good buddy.
That boy cracks me up!
Lovin' harvesting the garden!
Lovin' the idea a sorella tattoo with my sistahs!
Loved laughing and bowling with these spastic children.
Loved beating my husband even more.
Loved that he didn't realize I was using AJ's 6 pound ball till the last frame the most.
Lovin' summer trips to Sonic.
Lovin' this Color Snap app.
Lovin' that that rose is from one of MY rose bushes.
Love when she wears these glasses like it's nothing out of the ordinary.
Lovin' AJ's new back pack.
And that he's a big Kindergartener.
Lovin' this skirt.
Not lovin' that it doesn't come in my size.
Lovin' Batter Blaster pancakes.
Lovin' how this re-purposed shirt turned out!
Check out the tutorial here.


Alison said...

Love the simple snapshots of your life :-)

lil' mama said...

You and your family are way too fun! I'm so glad we're friends :)

Anonymous said...

So great! The sleeping baby picture melts my heart. And I have the same lotion!

stitching under oaks said...

such good stuff....nothing better than a sleeping baby! such sweetness.