Friday, May 25, 2012

Insta Friday

Hello Friday!
  So excited to get this summer started!

 life rearranged
Last Friday night, we went to the Circus.
And if you know me, you know I love a Circus!

AJ rode an elephant.
Abby climbed a big inflatable slide, freaked out at the top, and didn't go down until I climbed the big inflatable slide and went down with her.
They rode a small train that was seriously going like 100 mph around those rickety curves.
We had funnel cake, cotton candy, coke, and the saltiest popcorn ever.
AJ was so filled with excitement that he did a spectacular dance jig thing everywhere we walked.
Abby didn't just watch the show, she lived the show imitating all the performers movements.
She also spilled ice and popcorn on the people in front of us...twice as she lived the show.

We got home at 10pm.
Abby said it was awesome and asked to go back the next day.
We had our first harvest of the summer.
We got out the new pool.
Two of the rose bushes I got for Mother's Day bloomed.
I got boots!
I am so in love with them.
I want to wear them everyday.
They look fabulous with everything.
Andy and I had our pictures taken in the country.
I wore my boots.
It was so romantic and kinda haut.
And I got a lovely sinus infection.
Not haut or romantic.

I also logged 8 miles walking this week.
I only walked two days.
Not much, I know.
But it's a start, and I think the hardest part is starting.