Friday, May 4, 2012

Insta Friday

life rearranged

Whew! Another week the wiser...ha!

Since last Insta Friday,
I rocked one of my fave necklaces going out to dinner and movie with a good friend.
We (as in Andy) resodded our itty bitty front lawn.
We got a letter from our HOA for our dead grass two days prior.
Shame. Shame.  I know.
The last picture is pretty dark because...well it was almost 9pm as this project was finally coming to an acceptable stopping point.
It continued well into the next day as the old sod had to hauled away. 
It was quite the adventure.
We will become crazy lawn people after this, as this was not a project we would like to repeat.
And snail mail from the HOA is not the kind of snail mail I get ubber excited to receive.
I finished making my night gown!
And I love it and want it every print I see.
These things are amazing.
As in AJ got really mad at me when I ate the entire box.
Sorry kid.  
Mom needed a late night snack as I did valuable mama research...
on Pinterest.
They make me that kind of giddy happy that bubbles up inside 
and explodes out with happiness and warm nostalgia that you just can't contain.
I know I need to drink more of it.
Okay, so I know I need to start drinking some of it.
I'm trying to.
Lemons and cucumbers are making it kinda fabulous.
It's a good thing I don't live next door to one.
A good thing for my swim suit anyway.
I love that place.
I made pasta primavera this week.
It was so yummy.
Betty was in the shop the last two weeks.
It was really hard for me.
I'm glad she is back...
because we reconnected over a new item for the shop last night!
I'm just a little excited.


Jocelyn said...

"valuable mama research on pinterest"...I just had to laugh at your comment:-) I am so addicted to pinterest, so I am totally using your line the next time I waste lots of time there!!!

jessieg said...

Say those towels are awesome! Mustache on!

Nicky said...

I have the same sentiment about sunflowers... love em'. And I'm on the "drink more water" train as well.. uggg.

Have a great weekend! Nicky

Denissa said...

Sonic is dangerous! ! Haha..I LOVE the towel!! I need to check back for another.
Have a great weekend!

midwestdomesticbliss said...

Loving your mustache towels, so creative!

SaraColorado said...

Cute nightgown!

SaraColorado said...

Cute nightgown!