Friday, October 28, 2011

T. G. I. I. F.

I love Fridays.
Because I love the weekends.
And I love Insta-Fridays.

life rearranged

Last Friday night
(Katy Perry's song is now stuck in my nothing like my last Friday night...
& this mom from the burbs is cool with that)
I went out with a couple friends for frozen yogurt.
Yummy...I mean crazy yummy frozen yogurt, in only $2.15 inexpensive and good conversation. A perfect way to kick off a fabulous weekend.
And the beginning of a new tradition.
Sunday was brunch with my BFF and a trip to Joann's.
More fabulous food and good conversation.
Therapy for the soul.
And one step closer to actually making that princess dress for Girlfriend.

One day mid week I taught AJ how to hand crochet with yarn.
So bringing back old school memories of hand crocheting miles of yarn
with my little sister as kids.
Seriously. It would entertain us for hours.
Lots of bonding time with this lil' man...
Lunch with Andy and a trip to the cupcake shop.
Already daydreaming about a return trip to that amazing little place.
If Abby were a cupcake, she would absolutely be the birthday cupcake
with pink frosting and sprinkles...
AJ went for the seasonal candy corn...
I went for the chocolatly chocolate covered cherry...and shared a little with Andy.
I love this picture AJ drew of me holding Brody.
There is something so pure and sweet about a child's drawing.
He said Brody is all wrapped up in a swaddle. Indeed he is.
Lovin' this lil' monkey up in his hip lil' hat.
And here it is Friday of fall break and
we have yet to start AJ's school project he was suppose to work on this week.
He needs to disguise this turkey so the farmer will not make turkey dinner out of him.
AJ decided to make him a pirate turkey.
I'm down with that.
Part of me wants to go to Michael's and get all kinds of crafty stuff and pimp this pirate turkey out, but I know I have to let AJ make his own pirate turkey...
I'll just help...a little.


Casa De Luna said...

The frozen yogurt looks delicous and those cupcakes are huge!It looks like you had a great week.

The Morris Family said...

There is a cupcake place like that in OKC and we went to it.....great funa dn wow like you said how do you pick???

Lots of sweet pics from your week!!!

Happy Friday