Friday, October 21, 2011

Insta Friday! Whoop! Whoop!

Wow. It's Friday again!
The days are long, but the weeks seem to be flying by with three bambinos.

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life rearranged

So, here goes...
The real day-to-day life of this SAHM:

Purple toes and comfy pumpkin pj's make me happy.
You have no idea. Pure contentment.
A neighbor and friend with the biggest heart I know surprised us with
this lovely little combo this week. And I love her. Love her.
And I have to say.
Genius! Seriously genius! Pizza AND chocolate chip cookies in one box!
Someone at DiGiorno truly gets my family.
EEEE! Do you feel the excitement?!
That, my friends, is my new phone!
My old phone had barely survived Abby and AJ.
It had issues. Serious issues.
It's white! You may not know the power of a white phone after two black phones...
It's not just a color people. It's so much more.
I told the kids only grown ups are allowed to touch white phones.
It's fabulous.
I don't have to fight my children just to see who texted me...or search for my phone for ten minutes calling myself...or clean GoGurt off my touch screen so it senses my finger.
Miraculously, we made it out of the house with everyone in pressed, clean clothes and orderly hair for family pictures up in the mountains.

My children do not cooperate for pictures.

They did...for about 5 minutes....then we start the endless bribes and threats..."smile or no yogurt...listen and you get a sucker."...while you're pitting out, plastering a huge, fake smile on your own face and silently in your head thinking "smile normal or I'm gonna knock you out."
I'm sure you've been there...or you will be one day.
I'm just saying. It's hell.

It will be amazing if we end up with any picture where I am not shooting death daggers out of my eyes at my sweet, precious bundles of pain in the ass...or where AJ is not sticking out his tongue or Abby has one eye shut making her pirate face.
Thank you children.

I feel really, really bad for our photographers.
I am sorry. I truly am.
There's not a big enough Starbucks thank you card.
On to a much lighter note, I got my hair cut and colored this week!
Such a treat!
Signs of the season.
Cranberry Sierra Mist only comes out in the fall and winter.
I get so giddy when I see it on the shelf and proceed to fill my cart up...ya' know for my stockpile.

And drinking hot drinks again means super cute coffee cuff.
It's the little things in life.
I also cleaned the microwave, caught up the kids' laundry, and cleaned out the fridge this week.
They felt like big events around here, so I had to mention them.

Love you!


The Morris Family said...

You are going to LOVE your phone!!
Make sure and get the Instagram app if you havent already!!!!

Happy Friday!!!