Friday, September 30, 2011

Insta Friday

Inspired by Life Rearranged, I decided to start participating in...

life rearranged

I am a bit attached to my phone and usually have it with me...
so I have lots of pics from our every day life.

Sometimes Girlfriend helps herself to's...very helpful.
Baby Brody just chillin'.
This is huge folks!
Instead of sporting her usual mullet,
we recently discovered Girlfriend has enough hair for pig tails!
Here is Brody ready for his first walk to the park.
Thanks to youtube,
I was eventually able to figure out how a never ending piece of fabric can become a baby carrier...thirty minutes and a days worth of deodorant later...
And this my friends appears to be a maternity pic,
however it was taken when I got home like 5 days after having Brody...
I left the hospital weighing one pound more than when I went in and looking 5 months pg...
seriously?! It sucked...still sucks.
Legos have invaded my house as AJ's newest obsession. This scene appears to be a tragic accident at the police station. I really feel for the guy in the bottom of the pic stuck in the downward dog.
Baby Brody relaxing. So sweet and pure. I love that boy up!
More legos...
My little soccer star practicing between practices.
I know...another Baby Brody pic...I just can't get enough of this boy!
This just cracks me up...
not sure who was more confused with why the telescope was not working.
My new ride. I will never drive another vehicle with children again.
I'm getting better at parking it...but still look for 3 open spaces so I can pull into the middle one...
I am in love with these boots, and need to own them one day...when I can fit back into
non-maternity clothes...skinny jeans and I are not friends right now.
Check out that belly. When I went in to have him at 39 weeks,
I was measuring 43 weeks pregnant...fabulous.
& lastly Latte is adjusting well to new baby...
not sure he even notices after 3 additions have joined us over the last 5 years.


The Morris Family said...

your baby is precious!!! and I know the pop tart thing!! ha!!

Nice to meet ya!!!

Kristin Hayne said...

That downward dog looks like it sucks!! And you look fab!!! Just give yourself time to let the weight go down... trust me.... 3 kids? I give you 2 months!!! Brody is frickin' adorable... as is Miss Pigtails and Mr. World Cup. Miss you!!