Monday, May 18, 2009

How Is A Peacock Like A Backhoe?

They both scare the crap out of AJ...HA!
Apparently tractors are only appealing at a great distance...


Kicking the tire...showing it who is boss...
Get me out of here!

Hurry up & get your pictures...I want out of this thing!

Thanks Uncle Bruce for sharing your tractor!


jessieg said...

My anticipation of AJ's reaction had me giggling so hard at work. He's so cute. How fun of Bruce to bring the backhoe over. AJ never ceases to crack me up. His reactions are priceless.

Anonymous said...

Let AJ know that his dad was once so scared of cow that he locked himself in a car. You grow out of it, but the rest of us can laugh.


Katlyn said...

Chase would be SOOOOO jealous that AJ actually got to sit in a tractor!!!