Sunday, May 17, 2009

860 Miles & 17 Hours Later

We arrived in Missouri...but I left my sanity back in Colby, Kansas...

AJ playing with his cousins...who knew bamboo flourished in Grandpa Jim's yard?
Don't worry Grandpa Jim...AJ just thinned out your bamboo patch...a bit.

Highlights from our voyage:

chasing AJ through gas stations across Kansas...over & over again
then paying $13.84 for Hot Wheels to bribe him to get back in the car at one of the said gas stations
5 and a half hours straight of hearing Thomas the Train DVD's
more McDonalds then I want to ever consume again
AJ empaling the palm of his hand with a wood chip from the park in Colby, Kansas
Yo-go's smashed into the car seat in a semi-liquid state...
AJ's pull-up leaking all over the car seat thus dissolving the yo-go's underneath 
AJ's speech regressing into whining and grunting as his primary means of communication
Seeing Aunt Jess' face as AJ requests her assistance with going potty at the grossest gas station in America (Thanks Aunt get Sainthood & best Aunt points)
Abby expressing her distaste for her infant car seat with 30 minute bouts of screaming
pulling over on K10 for AJ to pee an entire 3 drops into his potty seat amongst 12 inch weeds, as cars zoomed by at 70 mph
turning around after making 30 minutes of peaceful progress toward our final destination to get Abby's formula & bottles I left at Aunt Jess' house...kind-a essential for her survival...

& I am repressing the rest...

But we made it and that is the important part...however this little voice in the back of my head just keeps haunting me with the idea that we have to make the return road trip the mean time I will drink heavily.

THANKS Aunt Jess for partaking in this fun-filled adventure...I truly could not have made it without you!


jessieg said...

Lots of room at Dad's to burn some energy, and I'm sure his bamboo patch needs thinning!

jessieg said...

It was tons of fun. I'm sure by this time next year, I'll be ready for a repeat trip. Given enough time, I'll forget the trauma. JK! I was only this evening thinking you should have stayed at my house today and left tomorrow. It might have given AJ the energy he needed to tolerate the last leg of the trip.

Anonymous said...

What a great Mom. this week will make the whole trip worth the adventure. have fun!


Anonymous said...

we are so glad you made the long trip. now we can see you and your sweet children everyday this week. yeah!!!

Katlyn said...

AJ is adorable!!! Looks like you guys are having fun (minus all of the crazy travel stuff)! Miss you! PS. This is why I don't do road trips or travel...too stressful.