Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Spring Craft Fair!

Today I went to a fabulous Craft Fair at a Hooli's house!  Check out my loot!
Beyond Imagination made this delicious scarf!  Perfect for all of our spring snow storms!
Denver Burnette made this scrumptious bag!
I love all the fun details!
The zipper is an unexpected pop of color...
& the inside a mod surprise!
I'm Not Even Kidding made this chic baby sling!  Check out her Etsy shop for the perfect baby momma gift!
Craftoholic Anonymous gifted me with this great Amy Butler paper!  I am in love!

What an amazing day!


Julie K said...

Hello! The sling looks adorable on you--I just wish we could have gotten a glimpse of Sweet Pea. Thanks for falling for that sling--and just in case you thought I was kidding, on the post you left the comment on, about 3 comments up is my friend Julie telling me her friend fell in love with the very sling I sold you today. I guess I'll have to order some more on line this weekend! Cute blog, I'll have to nose around a bit.

Jessaca said...

Oh! I wish I lived in Colorado so I could have gone! I don't have such talented friends here. So jealous! Love the scarf, the bag, the sling (maybe I'll get to borrow that one day for my bambino), and that paper! Lucky you!

Unknown said...

I am loving everything you got! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Your sling looks like it's Amy Butler fabric. Love it!