Saturday, April 18, 2009

AJ's Emergencies, Smores, and Privileges Revoked

As I finished changing Abby's diaper Saturday morning, a stressed AJ runs into her room yelling, "Help momma, help!" need to panic...he just discovered a string on the sleeve of his puppy pajamas.  He was not satisfied until we located a pair of scissors and removed it.  Upon cutting the string he enthusiastically said, "Thanks momma!"  I hugged him and said, "Anything for you AJ."  He walked around the house the rest of the day saying, "anything for me...anything for me..."  Ha!  He is only slightly egotistical.

 As we were eating dinner that night, a frantic AJ screamed, "Oh no, help!" 

 You see, his little chick had a medical emergency.  This was serious.  He loves that chick.  He cracks up every time he opens the egg and is greeted with his little friend.
No worries, the eye has been reattached and little chick is expected to make a full recovery.

After aiding AJ in his emergencies and tucking the kiddos safely into bed, we settled in for a movie and a gooey, chocolatey treat.

What could be better than smores?

Smores made with caramel and vanilla marshmallows!  Yum!

We enjoyed these little treats as we watched the movie The Boy In Striped Pajamas.  I cried my eyes out and officially revoked Andy's movie picking privileges.


Anonymous said...

What???? Movie night and s'mores...without me???

Jessaca said...

Mmm. S'mores. I love the chick picture. JL cracked up about the chick. I think he'd like one of his own to play with. You know how he likes toys.

Kristy said...

Their emergencies put everything into perspective, don't they? :)
Your kids are so cute! How's the baby?

I have never had caramel & vanilla marshmallows...they sound YUM!