Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Quick Recovery & Abby's First Play Date

Being a new baby momma is so much smoother this time around.  I am up and around, already enjoying my kiddos and planning projects!  I am Percocet free and enjoying motherhood with multiple children...even breastfeeding...which I cried through the first time before abandoning it altogether after 7 weeks.  (I still plan to transition Abby over to formula when I return to work...don't be a hater.  I admire moms that breastfeed full time...I am just not one of them.  I may try and hang onto one bedtime breastfeeding...we'll see.)

I just keep thinking...poor AJ...he survived his infancy as his parents fumbled through with a serious learning curve.  I am surprised with the ease of balancing a toddler and an infant.  AJ is adjusting.  Bed time has become pure this is the time that AJ seems to express his confusion over the decrease in attention.  We still follow the same bed time routine...bath(attempt daily...but have ran out of time a couple nights), brush teeth, put on p.j's, put together a couple puzzles, read three books, blow our noses(he seems to need this part of the routine), and tuck him in.  It is like he saves up all of his new sibling angst and fights for his freedom right when he should be winding down to sleep.  We are working through this...but are gladly accepting any ideas or suggestions.  

I am blessed with the most amazing friends in the world...the kind that help you clean your house when you are 9 months pregnant(even vacuum your stairs!) for hours to visit you at the hospital...bring you meals when you come home with a new baby...bring you a vanilla Dr. Pepper when break down and cry at work due to exhaustion and pregnancy hormonal insanity...and look forward to doing fun craft projects with you!  

With my super fast recovery, we were able to venture out for our first play date Friday with one of these amazing friends.  It may have been more of a play date for momma than it was Abby, but is was fun...check out all the cute matching girliness!  


jessieg said...

Super Mom! I'm so glad you're able to get back on your feet so quickly. Sounds like AJ is going to need lots of Mommy snuggle love. Love the pics. I will miss getting to see Girlfriend everyday, so post lots of pictures to help with my withdrawal.

The Yeadons said...

I love your pictures! I need to get copies of the ones you got too! :) I'm sorry A.J. is having a tough time- you are an amazing mom though, and I know you will help him adjust! Can't wait to meet up again!