Monday, February 23, 2009

A Cake, A Card, & Chopsticks

This weekend I made my first carrot cake from scratch for Papa's birthday.  Check out Alton Brown's recipe if you are up for this baking challenge.  Lesson learned: let the cream cheese frosting set in the fridge the entire ten minutes Alton calls for.  I rushed it and ended up dealing with frosting in a semi-melting state.  My little helper ended up abandoning me to sample the carrots and go to the park with dad.  
AJ and I also made Papa this joy fold card.  Check out splitcoaststampers for an easy to follow tutorial on how to make this little paper masterpiece.  It only took us 13 tries before we snapped our prize winning shot that made it on the card.   

And I'll leave you with my favorite quote of the weekend:
"AJ, no, we don't use chopsticks on the dog!"
poor Latte...


jessieg said...

Wow. Chopsticks sound painful. Your cake and card look so amazing. The things you accomplish head-on. I fret and dread and think about how huge a task seems to me, and you just go do it. I need to be more like you!

Katlyn said...

The cake turned out great and the card is adorable! You have had quite the creative streak lately!!! I love it all.

Shelly said...

I so love viewing your blog! You are so creative and such a GREAT mommy!