Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mr. Independent & Another Holiday Favorite

AJ has now taken it upon himself to just go ahead and get whatever it is he needs or desires from the kitchen...why risk being told no when he can get it himself?  At least he always puts the chair back when he is finished.  

Today on our morning list of things to accomplish, we had some successes, some things we need to keep working on, and some bonuses we didn't initially plan on.  We walked out of the book store with 4 books instead of the needed one book for a book exchange we are participating in.  I'm sure AJ really couldn't live without the two Thomas the Train books and an airplane book for his up-coming airplane ride.  We went to the bank and Archivers to prints a couple pictures for our trip.  We were unsuccessful in our attempt to find Abby the perfect pink tinsel Christmas tree...we'll have to keeping working on that one.  We did score some amazing peppermint nougats at Hobby Lobby that we busted out in the parking lot.  These little treasures are yet another sweet treat I look forward to every year.  I love the holidays!  


jessieg said...

Crack me up. At least you can't say he is lazy. I love that he puts the chair back away. Like it makes it less of a bad thing. What a funny guy.

Kristy said...

Don't you love their independent spirit...most of the time?? LOL