Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Father Daughter Dance 2016

This little girl loves her daddy something fierce. So getting to spend an evening together just the two of them is a magical, enchanting evening. She loves fancy events, getting dressed up, getting a corsage, going to dinner...absolutely everything about the night. And this year the Father Daughter Dance was a Paris theme...could it get any more Abby than that?!

She is also a creature of habit like her mama. Just like last year she requested a hair style like Belle. Which is hard to do with her fine, thin hair...but it turned out simply beautiful.

It's a tradition that Andy gift her with something special to wear the night of the dance. This year he gave her these gorgeous pink hair combs.

We painted her nails a soft pink and added a glitter top coat. She wanted the ribbons from her gift tied onto her wrist. And she wore a fancy dress gifted by a neighbor! Definitely a sentimental gal through and through.
And just like last year, she requested to go to dinner at Noodles for Mac 'n cheese and fancy soda (vanilla root beer).

Such a special night.