Wednesday, September 30, 2015

These Things Make Me Happy

The gift of a fairy door! How fun & whimsical is that?!

This dog. Old and blind but the best snuggle dog around.

Whimsical photo sessions and fun frames!

Waking up to coffee.

Pallet projects for our camping adventures.

Cousins sending us pictures to color! And rainbow glitter Darth Vader.

Abby simply being motivated by the fear of being ordinary.

Playing games with this boy.

Dressing up fancy...

To meet Robin Preiss Glasser...the illustrator of Fancy Nancy books!


American Heritage Girls meetings about hiking safety.

Abby's love of playing Barbies!

AHG service projects!

Teaching AJ's friends how to play Settlers. And getting my trash kicked by third graders.

A lunch out with these two!

So much to be thankful for!


Jessaca said...

All these things make me happy too! I love it this post! So much to be happy about! You're definitely blessed!