Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Last Week of Summer

We squeezed as much as we could in the last few days of summer!

We organized school supplies.

I love new school supplies!

So much promise of what's to come in a new school year!

Went on a hike with AHG girls!

It was hot. But they were troopers.

We played games and had friends over for sleep overs!

We met Andy & papa for a lunch of Oreo pancakes!

We fell asleep reading together...

We brought our school supplies into school!

This girl and that dress!

We worked on a garage project...

Here's the super gross BEFORE:

And the AFTER:

(Now I want to paint the rest of the garage!)

I made a quick little sign...

And love how it turned out!

And then before we knew it, the first day of school was here!

Oh I love those two up!

Brody and I missed the big kids, so we made them chocolate chip cookies for an after school snack!