Friday, May 10, 2013

An Insta-Perspective


This week flew by.

But it was such a beautiful week.

So full of happiness and blessings.

We rocked the MS Walk as a family last Saturday.

We walked in honor of a friend's amazing mother and my amazing sistah.

There is something so powerful about being a part of a large gathering of people all united for the same purpose.

For as much yucky sad stuff in the world, there is still more good out there.

And you can feel it walking among 9,000 other people for a common cause.

We were made to love.

And that purpose should guide us in all we do.

The kids' Small Wonders class had a Marian Crowning ceremony last Sunday.
So sweet to see all the kiddos with their flowers.
Even if AJ used his flower like a sword on the poor kid standing next to him.
He also graduated into the next level of classes and got his first mass book.
Religious Ed classes are over for the summer. That means all 3 kids will attend mass with us until classes resume in the fall. Lord have mercy.
We went to dinner with Andy's aunt and uncle that were visiting from Georgia last weekend. Their son was born a couple months after Brody. So fun to see cousins so close in age play together.
We got in some sidewalk chalk time before the rain this week. Love being outside, playing with the kids. There is something so uplifting having the sun on your face, breathing in fresh air, and seeing them be so excited to be outside.
Ab's letter this week was Qq, so I made a quick little quilt out of some scraps for her baby doll. She was over the moon.
And I think she has the letter Qq now.
Whatever it takes.
We have one more year before she goes to Kindergarten
and a lot of letters left to master.
She would much rather play or make art.
Heaven help us.
Pandora sent me back in time 18 years to my first concert.
I was 14.
My hair was long, permed, and dyed neon pink from Kool-Aid.
My bother, James, gifted me with my first concert ticket. Ted Nugent with Bad Company opening. It was an outdoor concert. It poured rain. We bought army green ponchos. Some hippies were smoking pot in front of us.
It's a vivid memory. I keep the ticket stub in a box James gave me with pictures of him, a letter and birthday card he sent me once, and his obituary.
It's a good memory.
Thank you Pandora for taking me back.
I drink my calories. And love every ounce.
I love an iced chai or cold Dr. Pepper or homemade lemonade on a spring or summer day...a hot tea or hot chocolate on a fall or winter day.
In this girl's world a good drink turns a good experience into a grand experience.
I had the honor of making some banners for a summer wedding this week.
I love them.
They are the essence of a fun, bright, refreshing summer celebration to me.
And that's how a wedding should be to me.
Fun. Bright. Refreshing. Celebration.
I got to go into Abby's classroom for an hour this week.
It was such a fun experience to get a glimpse into this part of her world.
She is a bubbly, spirited little girl that does everything with the passion of her whole heart.

Brody loves this white bear and his red blanket. And he loves to carry the things he loves with him everywhere he goes. Which is usually no big deal...

But he has developed an undying love for a toy vacuum as big as him.
Which means I'm carrying around a 20 month a old and a toy vacuum everywhere we go.
It makes me laugh and smile. He is a compassionate soul that becomes attached to things and people and loves to sweep and put things away.
Maybe I got a tidy one. A little OCD wouldn't hurt us.

Life is good.

Truly good.




Anne Bickle said...

Such a sweet review of your week. I love the summer wedding banners. Very fun. What a touching memory of the concert with your brother. I got a little choked up. Blessings to you this week, friend. xo, ab

Anonymous said...

Awesome post!!! I love hearing about your life! Everything was great- the banners, the quilt, the ... vacuum!!! Yes, Im still laughing about the vacuum. Lucy has a special blanket that I call my "third child" because we cannot go anywhere without it.
Hope you have a weekend full of sunshine!

lil' mama said...

Oh that Brody is a cutie! Lovin the vacuum. And those wedding banners are awesome!