Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My younger sister, Jess, came to visit for the weekend of the 4th.

She is the reason I have unlimited texting...
and remain sane most days.

We crammed in as much fun as possible into four days...
and she left me counting down the days until Thanksgiving when I get to see her again.

We had lots of fabulous times.

I laughed till I cried as we enjoyed our Sonic happy hour drinks.
If indulging in a Sonic drink isn't on your summer list...
you're missing out.
Baby V had his first trip to a fireworks stand.
Jess let me teach her how to sew!
And she is a natural!
She made the most adorable baby boy bloomers I have ever seen!
And we spent lots of time on the old lady glider swing as the kids played in the backyard.
It was great.


Anonymous said...

you guys are so lucky to have each other! love and miss you guys stacey