Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Snow Day

Due to the extreme temperatures, I was blessed with a snow day Tuesday.

It started out normal...
sleeping in late...
a plan to stay in PJ's all day...
maybe do some crafting.

Then I came downstairs
to find
an empty chocolate chip bag,
a very happy dog,
and a guilty looking two year old.

12oz of semi-sweet chocolate
25 pound dog
not. good.
not. good.

It did not take long before a very happy dog became a very ill dog.

I had the pleasure to clean up A LOT of doggy vomit.

One call to the vet sent my happy-g0-lucky PJ day of crafting into
a frenzied day of saving the family dog.

Vet said...with tone of urgency in her voice, "Bring him in right away."

Right away is not in a mother of two small children's vocabulary.

I frantically dressed two small children and myself in many layers,
as it was negative 7 out.
Covered the entire car in towels.
Loaded a very sick dog in the car.
And drove to the pet hospital.

They kept Latte at the pet hospital to
induce more vomiting,
give an IV,
monitor for seizures...high heart rate and
the possibility of his entire digestive system shutting down.

We returned home where I reassured AJ multiple times that Latte was not going to die
and continued to clean up chocolate vomit.

I may never eat chocolate again,
whereas AJ requested a cup of hot chocolate as soon as we got in the door.

$260 later...
Latte is home.
The pantry door now has a childproof lock.
And this previous chocoholic nearly vomits at the sight of a chocolate bar.


Kristin Hayne said...

OK.... WOW.... your day stumped mine.... but I do have to add... I made 2 dozen cupcakes.... was on the phone for about 20 minutes and came out to a tray of 2 mini cupcakes and 3 large cupcakes left. I did the math qiuckly in my head and realized that Molly-our 55 lb. dog, had just devoured 9 large cupcakes and about 14 mini ones.... wrappers and all!! THANK GOD they weren't frosted yet. She didn't get sick but she "tooted" vanilla cupcakes all night. This former cupcake junkie is no longer....

Anonymous said...

So does this mean we can't have cookies this weekend?