Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No Rhyme or Reason: Random

I love anything shabby chic...esp. while ruffles

I hate black licorice

It creeps me out when men do not wear undershirts

I love my Nook

I wish it was spring already

I love polka dots and gingham

I have no self-discipline when it comes to chocolate...or really any candy

I love angel hair pasta, but not spaghetti pasta

I miss Kansas

I think photography would be a fun career path

I hate markers and Elmer's glue

I love anything cranberry...except the cranberry tea at Sonic...something went terribly wrong with that combo

I cannot stand it when a woman calls me hon or honey or sweetie....really if you are female and especially if you are younger than not call me any form of an enduring comes across as condescending...and could strongly impact your tip

I respect you a little bit more if you follow the sequence of the color spectrum when using multiple colors

I love peach pie with vanilla ice cream and homemade lemonade


Lyndi said...

Ever had a cranberry vanilla sprite at Sonic? Best drink ever!!!

Abby said...

I miss Kansas too.

Kristin Hayne said...

I love to know these things about you.... and black licorice SUCKS!!