Sunday, September 20, 2009

Around The World In A Wagon

Our neighborhood had our first porch crawl Saturday.
We started with a treasure hunt in the Caribbean.
Then to Switzerland for chocolate fondue, flags, & Swiss bank accounts.
Followed by limbo & Blue Hawaiians at a Luau.

Then to Mexico for yummy tacos, tropical play doh...
& a pinata!
Off to Texas for lil' smokies, pink lemonade, &
stick horse races!
Concluding the evening in New Orleans with masks, king cake & yummy por' boys!


lil' mama said...

Fun times!

jessieg said...

Such a great idea. So what made girlfriend smile like that? I think I can almost recall a picture of AJ with that same smile. Oh, btw, I see you bought the machine shirt. So very cute!

jessieg said...
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Anonymous said...

LOVIN' the first pic of Abby and her daddy!!