Monday, July 6, 2009

Bout Had To Throw Down & 4th of July: Part 2

Parent Orientation Day: Check

I love my job & I love new beginnings.  This year brings a lot of new into my school kids, new room arrangement, new communication/organization folder system in my class, new phonics program...

I love it!  The change is refreshing & fast paced with less than two full weeks off between school years.  I am truly and genuinely excited about every bit of this newness!  Everything new brings great potential for my class to grow as learners.  I LOVE my job.  I thrive on the challenge, juggling the organization & planning, the creativity, being innovative as things change, my team mates, & the kids.

I don't mind spending hours upon hours preparing for the new year because I love the process and seeing my students' enthusiasm for the first day of second grade.

and I'm a nice person...I really am.  

But if you push me far enough, I will bite back.  If you go too far, I will let you know it.  It usually takes a lot, but when compounded with a certain level of stress in life...such as the first day of school closing in on tolerance level might be shortened...a bit.

So today when I left my school at 7:15pm after getting there at 7:30am to grab a quick bite at Sonic before driving 40 minutes home to put the kids to bed & dive back into beginning of the school year preparations...I may have been a bit quick to snap back at the lady on the other end of the intercom...just maybe.

I just let her know that it was not okay for her to "get sassy with me...a paying customer"...albeit only a $5.25 paying customer...a paying customer that had been wearing heels since 6:00am...

Uhuh, don't get lippy with me through that little Sonic intercom, lady.  I will let you know my opinion on your little attitude...and I did.

I'm pretty sure she spit in my Dr. Pepper.

On to 4th of July: Part 2

After the parade we went to the neighborhood 4th of July BBQ.
There was a face painter, hot dogs, hamburgers, fruit kabobs, and all kinds of yummy sides to eat!  AJ passed up a train painting for a ladybug...really?  What?!  Okay, more power to him.
Check out a few of the neighborhood girls born this year...and this isn't even all of them!
Must be something in the water...
From the neighborhood BBQ, we joined some friends to visit as we waited for the fireworks to begin.  It was approximately 8:30 and they were fading fast...
but they made it...all were awake when the fireworks began after 9:00.  
According to AJ the "pop bang fireworks were awesome."


jessieg said...

So excited for you and your kids on the new year! And you get snippy with a stranger?! It takes you all kinds of button pushing for that to happen. I can't believe AJ went with a ladybug. How cute of him. Those lil babies are so cute, but I know the cutest one of all! And that last pic breaks my heart! I hate when AJ gives you the forlorn expression. He's always so happy so when that look comes out it breaks my heart. He has such a special place in my heart. He's looking an awful lot like you these days.

Anonymous said...

...i think he looked sleepy! WOW! what a group of babies...and all girls! Abbers looks so sweet...LB got really really excited when he saw her!!!! ...i also agree on the lady bug and how sweet! love ya, Recca