Monday, December 29, 2008

My Next Crafting Adventure

I am a attempting to expand my sewing adventures beyond my comfort zone of a tote and into children's clothing...wish me luck!  My goal is to master this simple pillowcase dress and hair bows in time to participate as a vendor in a craft fair in April.  I have purchased my pattern, watched many tutorials on-line, bought some adorable spring fabrics pictured here (I just couldn't resist the Halloween one), and am setting up a craft day to practice with some more experienced crafters!  I just love this fabric!!!  For more adorable fabric check out Fabric Supplies and Down Shadow Lane on Etsy!


Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh cool! Let me know how it goes...and where the craft fair is! I just may be one of your first customers for one of those beauties!

jessieg said...

I can't wait til you have Abby, and then you'll quit your craft nesting and I won't feel so much like a lazy butt. Love the fabrics and I can't wait to see these dresses you're going to make. I love the green and white animal print. Little girls need to be dressed in another color besides pink! :)