Tuesday, August 26, 2008

AJ...My Juvenile Delinquent

This morning when I greeted AJ for breakfast I noticed he had suddenly taken an interest in the interior design elements of his room...he decorated his bed and his pillow with some crayons he had apparently stashed away in his room from the weekend.  It took me a little while to locate the items of interest in this case...as AJ was clever enough to hide them under all of his covers...(maybe waiting to finish his redecorating project later?)  It was very sneaky.  Vandalism at the young age of 2...what is a mother to do?  Check out the photo evidence I logged from this crime.  I titled the last one "Begging For Forgiveness" after he realized I was not going to believe the Douglas did it story.  


Ryan and Jade said...

AJ is a great artist!! He is well on his way to impress his first preschool teacher someday! His drawings remind me of some of my charming preschoolers artwork on school furniture. Part of growing up!